Salt & Light Nordic Senior Leaders Conference 2018

Walking Together Into the Future

Following God the Father as His Family on a Mission

Västerås, 18-20 October 2018


Thur 19.00 Keep God in the Center in Times of Transition, Doug Kreighbaum


Fri 09.30 Handling Transition, Panel – Mats Nordén, Denise Kreighbaum, Buck Hudson, Doug Kreighbaum


Fri 11.30 Called, Recognized, Commissioned and Received, Dave Richards


Fri 14.15 Unity and How We Work, Morten Patrzalek and Stefan Löv


Fri 16.00 Group Discussion Questions, Morten Patrzalek


Fri 19.00 Unlock New Levels, Tom Bedford


Sat 09.30 Advancing the Kingdom of God Through Warfare, Dave Richards, Buck Hudson, Pernilla Wendesten, Andreas Tofters, Ingmar Aronson


Sat 11.00 The Teacher’s Role, NTS, Ingmar Aronson, Janne Sääf, and others


Sat 11.45 Commissioning of Håkan & Gunilla Gniste and the West Coast Team, Dave Richards and others